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Manage Business Calls for only £1 a Day, with a Virtual Receptionist

December 14, 2017
Nicola Amis

A recent report from
communications regulator Ofcom revealed that people still consider phone calls
to be their most important means of communication. Although instant messaging and
social media profiles can be great customer service and marketing tools,
nothing can replace a phone call when it comes to establishing a meaningful
relationship with a customer or client.

it’s an electrical shop in Orpington or a florist in Blackheath, we all tend to
follow up our internet search with a quick call to make sure the product we
need is in stock or the service we require is available.

It’s a thing of the past to flick
through the Yellow Pages to find a business in your local area. Nowadays,more people are
flocking online with many of us using to Google in our quest to find
what we need. But social media isn’t always that social
and a lot of potential customers still want human interaction.

Virtual Receptionist

are some important reasons that businesses should consider ‘
’ technology to stay at the forefront
of their industry.

with choosing a memorable phone number for your business; whether it’s a local
number or national such as 0800. The sight of an unfamiliar phone number can be
the killer detail that leads customers to choose the next company in the list. Questions
potential customers could raise include, how much will the call cost to make?
Is the company based locally, nationally, or even abroad? These doubts can
cause businesses to lose a sale or, even worse, a new client and the ongoing
business that comes with them. So, choose a number that prospective clients can
immediately recognise and trust and put a customer’s mind at ease and helps
them to see your business as familiar and trustworthy.

a Virtual Receptionist service can help you focus on the task at hand but, not
at the expense of any potential opportunities, as your calls will be received,
diverted, or captured by voicemail. All of which can be controlled through the
online portal on any internet-enabled device 24/7.

For only £1 a day, a Virtual Receptionist is a brilliant way to introduce your company and allows you to capture calls during and outside of working hours.

impressions count and a professional greeting is a brilliant way to introduce
your company to your callers. Delivering an appropriate message and tone is
essential to match your business brand and we have an in-house team of
professional recording artists to record your greeting, department options and
voicemail scripts to boost customer confidence in your business.

offer the best audio quality IVR or on hold messages with experienced
voice-over artists to give your business the right tone, pace and intonation in
various languages. Take a listen to some of the voice artists that are
available with examples of how you could create your recorded scripts.

Having an Virtual Receptionist works
well even if you’re the sole member of the company. Clients experience a highly
professional introduction to your business, giving you the edge over the
competition. All phone keypad options can lead to just one phone allowing you
to appear bigger than you actually are or divert calls to any relevant staff

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and how it can benefit your business.
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