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Fast, Reliable 'Business-Only' Line and Broadband packages

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) carries data over the existing copper phone lines direct from the exchange to your premises. Telecoms World work with Openreach to install a dedicated Business Broadband line to your office.

Our connections are deployed with the highest speed to your premise and reliability is enhanced as your data is carried over our business-only network, this ensures you will never be competing for bandwidth with residential lines. We also provide you with a FREE, pre-configured, certified Business Broadband wireless hub (worth £45.00) and the best line rental deals in the UK. Our business-only ADSL broadband deal is the perfect connectivity for your business.

Business Only Line and Broadband from £15.99 per month*
Saving up to 45% on your existing line and broadband
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Plans & Pricing

Business Broadband

Inclusive Minutes to
01/02 Numbers
Inclusive Minutes to
UK Mobile
01/02 Charge After
Inclusive Minutes
Mobile Charge After
Inclusive Minutes
£49.99 Installation
1 ppm
7 ppm
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£49.99 Installation
1 ppm
7 ppm
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free connection**
7 ppm
Click Max
£49.99 Installation
* £15.99 for 3 mth, £36.99 thereafter on 36 contract
** Free line installation subject to criteria

Price Comparison

Monthly Rental
Call Package
Local & National - 01/02 Calls
UK Mobile - 07 Calls
Total Care - Faults fixed within 24 hours

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BT Broadband

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Just started a new business. We were looking for advice after finding Telecoms World Plc on Google. I used the call back system which was fantastic. Received a call from Sam in approx 20 seconds from inputting our number. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and not pushy in anyway. He delivered a 1st class service! We signed up on a basic package to try it out first. Sam said we would be set up within 24-48. We were working the same evening. The web interface very easy to use and we already love it. Really good company, would recommend!!!

The key benefits of choosing Business Broadband

Our Business Broadband lines are not clogged with residential traffic. Say YES to business-only broadband
Business Broadband Connectivity
As our broadband lines are not clogged with residential traffic, the speed & stability of our lines are second to none. Say YES to exclusive broadband
WWe provide you with a FREE, pre-configured, Business Broadband wireless hub
FREE Business Certified Hub
We provide you with a FREE, pre-configured, Business Broadband wireless hub worth £45.00 to get you up and running as quickly as possible
Businesses across the UK use our Business Broadband deals
The UK's Best Business Broadband
We keep the costs low and the speeds high. 1000's of businesses across the UK use our broadband connectivity to support their voice and data services
We ensure that you have strong and stable Business Broadband connectivity at all times
Award Winning Support
We ensure that you have strong and stable Business Broadband connectivity at all times, and any issues are handled by our UK based expert team
ADSL Business Broadband uses copper lines that are already in-place
Easy Installation
ADSL Business Broadband uses copper lines that are already in-place, so all you need is a working phone line and our broadband is attached to the line
Our most popular Business Broadband is widely available across all UK towns and cities
We Cover Over 99% of the UK
Our most popular Business Broadband is widely available across all UK towns and cities. Find out the speeds available to your business, call us today

Business Broadband. Questions and Answers

What is ADSL Broadband?

ADSL stands for ‘asymmetric digital subscriber line’ and means a type of broadband you can get through a telephone line, delivered via the same copper line. Business Broadband connection uses existing networks, cables and telecom cabinets with a copper cable all the way, connecting you to the internet (ADSL and ADSL2+ Converged).

Why ADSL Broadband

Business ADSL carries data over the existing copper phone lines direct from the exchange to your premises, so all you need to get started is an operational phone line. Our ADSL connection offers high speeds and reliability with an elevated contention ratio operating over our business-only network, which makes our business ADSL line the perfect Business Broadband for your company.

How to make a decision on which Broadband?

How can you make an informed decision if you don’t truly understand the broadband options available? To start, you need a good understanding of your business’ current and future technology needs. What services do you offer your employees and clients?

Choosing the right internet connection and speed for your business depends largely on several factors. Your data network is arguably the most critical IT element of your business. It links everything: office users to applications in the data centre, mobile workers to email, and cloud applications via the internet. In addition to speed and cost, reliability, consistency and security are also key considerations.

What's included in our Broadband deals?

Our Business Broadband deals also include phone line connection with different levels of inclusive minutes. The perfect business internet solution.

We provide you with a FREE business certified wireless router. This ensures that your Business Broadband delivers the highest quality.

As we are a 'business only' provider we can offer you the best Business Broadband and enhanced business support at a highly competitive monthly price.

Business Broadband connections provide much more bandwidth for uploading than residential connections.

Is Business Broadband the right internet connection for you?

Our Business Broadband only shares bandwidth with other business users and not with residential services; a great option for organisations with a small number of employees who require a high level of download/upload speeds and enhanced service levels.

What are the call costs?
  • After inclusive minutes, calls made to a UK landline are charged at 1 pence per minute.
  • After inclusive minutes, calls made to a UK mobile are charged at 7 pence per minute