Dedicated Conference Call Service. For up to 10 Participants

Company branded introduction message and private PIN setup

HD (High-Definition) Audio over our Tier 1 network
HD (High-Definition) Audio over our Tier 1 network
Professional and efficient conference call service
Professional and efficient conference call service
Try it FREE for 2 months - From £29.99 per month thereafter
Try it FREE for 2 months - From £29.99 per month thereafter

Try it FREE for 2 months. Activate today!

Try it FREE for 2 months. Activate today!

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Your exclusive Conference Call service

Imagine how professional and efficient it would be to host a conference call between employees and / or clients by calling a dedicated number (chosen by you), with a personalised welcome message and using a dedicated PIN number to access the call. We have an extensive list of non-geographic 08/03 and virtual 01/02 numbers available to assign to our conference service where you can configure your own 6 digit access PIN.

Use any 08 or 03 number for your dedicated conference call service


Our team of professional recording artists are available to offer branded message to introduce your conference service.


We offer the facility to record the calls, saving you time taking minutes. Review the call as many times as you need.


Invite colleagues and clients to your conference from within the UK and worldwide. By providing the access number and PIN, your callers can connect instantly.

Benefits of our custom Conference Call service

Select from a range of numbers for your conference service
Select a dedicated number for your conference service and to build on your brand with every call
A simple dial-in solution that utilises a 6 digit PIN
simple 6 digit dial in service
Update conference participants with your call time/date, the dedicated number and chosen 6 digit PIN #123456
Our conference call service can be accessed by callers across the globe
invite global callers
Our tailored conference service can be joined by callers across the globe. The calls are in the cloud and in HD quality  
Available on demand at any time of day
Our conference call service is available 24/7 which means that it’s available for your use on any day at anytime
Our encrypted secure platform keeps calls confidential for extra peace of mind
Safe and sECURE calls
Our encrypted, secure platform will keep your conference calls confidential giving you complete peace of mind
All our services are hosted in the cloud giving you a cost effective conference call solution
No additional hardware is required to setup and enable calls. As the service is hosted in the cloud, we keep the costs low