Interactive Voice Response Make the Perfect First Impression

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Direct callers quickly to correct team members
Direct callers quickly to correct team members
Control up to 10 department options
Control up to 10 department options
Greetings and messages recorded by professional voice artists
Greetings and messages recorded by professional voice artists

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Try it FREE for 3 months. Activate today!

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Customers decide a lot about your business by the way they are greeted, handled and dealt with over the phone. So make the best first impression you can by using our Virtual Receptionist solution. The Virtual Receptionist - also known as an IVR (interactive voice response) - is a service to connect your customers to the right person as quickly as possible, eliminating the need of multiple diverts or extended wait times. We can also provide professional recordings by professional voice artists who can record your greetings and messages; allowing you to set the perfect tone for your business telephony.

IVR Management


You can script and design what your clients hear allowing you to
control how clients interact and engage with your brand 24/7.


Our online interface (as shown) allows you to make amends to your telecoms set up from any device with changes going live instantly.


Control up to 10 department options with the ability to select landline
or mobile targets for callers to be directed to, all managed online.


Having an IVR works well even if you’re the sole member of
the company with clients experiencing a highly professional introduction to your business, giving you the edge over the competition. Calls can be diverted to relevant staff members
or all options can lead to just one phone allowing you to
appear bigger than you actually are. 

Number Management Portal

Configure the perfect IVR solution

Our platform allows you to take complete control of your incoming calls at the click of a button. Simply design how you would like callers to be welcomed and then routed to the correct department or branch of your business. From the small business looking for the corporate edge, up to the big business controlling a high call volume. Our IVR is tailored to meet your needs.

IVR solutions

The benefits of using an Interactive Voice Response solution

Callers interact with pre-recorded voice prompts to navigate to the correct department
Callers interact with pre-recorded voice prompts to navigate to the correct department using their telephone keypad
Set the right tone for your business with announcements recorded by professional voice artists
Set the right tone of voice for your business with welcome, options and busy messages recorded by professional voice artists 
Handle higher call volumes
Thrive with higher call volumes
An IVR will allow you to handle higher call volumes because calls are immediately directed to the correct department
Make a great first impression with our IVR solution
first impressions count
Make a great first impression. An IVR will always present your company as professional and well established
Enhance customer satisfaction with an easy to use and reliable IVR solution
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Because your IVR is easy to use and reliable your customer will always be routed to the correct branch or department
Reduce cost and improve efficiency
reduce cost and improve efficency
Your company will be more efficient simply because your callers are talking to the correct department or person

Bespoke Solutions


Enhance your business with custom IVR features

At Telecom World we have been designing, building, and implementing IVR customer contact solutions since 2002. We have an enviable client list including public sector, financial services, charity, and retail. See a brief snapshot of some of the services below...

MULTI-LEVEL IVR - Interactive Voice Response menu to handle high call volumes

If you are a company with multiple departments or office locations you need more than just one set of options to discern how best to deal with the caller. Perhaps you can deliver information in multiple languages or have an automated payment line, both of which would require their own set of options. A multi-level IVR enhances your corporate image and ensures the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction every time.

Multi Level IVR


  • Route callers through levels of the IVR to reach the correct department or regional office
  • Control high call volumes with announcement messages to guide callers efficiently
  • Easy to setup and manage using our online system.
  • Re-route calls at the click of a button

CALL QUEUING - Set up menus, queue priorities, announcements and music

Operating multiple call queues helps to manage large inbound call volumes and minimise wait times. You can also create revenue by advertising products and services to a captive audience. According to survey by Telemarketing Magazine 1 in 5 callers make a decision to buy based on information they heard while on hold, so turn the chore of keeping callers on hold into a valuable marketing opportunity.


  • Manage incoming calls using queue facilities with music on hold and position announcement
  • Control up to 99 callers in the queue with routing options to landlines, mobiles and hunt groups
  • Use promotional messages to highlight the services you provide or product offers
Call Queuing

PCI COMPLIANT GATEWAY - Payments made over the phone in our secure cloud

There is nothing that fills business owners with dread more than becoming PCI Compliant. The process can be painful and very costly which is why companies tend to steer away from handling client payment data over the phone. The Cloud gateway makes things simple. It creates a secure environment over the phone where clients can disclose their bank details without that data ever becoming visible to an operator, or passed through company hardware.

PCI Compliant


  • Agents can take payments from your clients over the phone without bank details being exchanged
  • Payments arrive to your business merchant account in an instant with a XML payment ID
  • The compliant cloud handles all payment data meaning PCI DSS regulations are handled externally

CALL RECORD - Quickly resolve disputes and improve customer service levels

Whether it is to monitor and coach your employees in order to improve their performance, implement stringent controls, or stay legally protected. The inbound call recording software is activated as soon as a call is made to your business. Your callers may hear your welcome message where you can inform them that calls may be recorded. The call carries on as normal with both sides of the conversation being recorded until the call is terminated.


  • You have the flexibility hoose to record all calls, a specific agents calls or calls at random
  • Recordings are either emailed to a chosen email address or stored on a server for audit 24/7
  • Handle disputes or capture key information from a call using our quick search function
Call Record

MID-CALL TRANSFER - Transfer calls without the need for an additional phone line

Mid Call Transfer allows answered calls to be transferred out to another destination number, without the need for an additional phone line or having to pay for the cost of making a second call. The service is simple and allows you to transfer calls to any landline, mobile or even to destinations abroad. We provide our Mid-call transfer service to orginisations such as Transport for London, NHS Berkshire and muliple SME’s across the UK.

Mid Call Transfer


  • Calls are transferred in the cloud meaning that you do not take out a line when diverting a caller
  • It’s so simple to use, with a set range of keypad options to transfer calls blind or create a 3 way call
  • Transfer calls to an internal department or to a member of staff who is out of office on the road