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Speeds up to 10Gbps available across the UK
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What are Dedicated Leased Lines?

Imagine a business internet connection that's private and dedicated only to your business! With a maximum fault fix time of just 4 hours, Leased lines are the ultimate business internet connection between your office and the local exchange; delivering super fast connection speeds with the strongest reliability. Leased lines carry your voice and data over a dedicated Ethernet Leased Line, delivering symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps, allowing you to support staff and clients at all times; no matter the time of day or location.

Leased Lines offer the highest speed performance available
Complete reassurance with an SLA in place to support your line
Speeds up to 10Gbps available across the UK
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Central town or city lookup with high availability

Central town or city lookup with high availability

Rural town lookup with low availability

Rural town lookup with low availability

Whether you're in a town or city, anywhere in the UK, we can search for Leased Line availability in your area. We can easily identify business internet availability within our postcode look-up and offer the right choice for your business; ethernet and Leased Line options.

Why businesses choose Dedicated Leased Line Connectivity

Point to Point Leased Lines
Point to Point Leased Lines
Leased Lines provide an uncontended business internet connection between your office and your local telephone exchange
24/7 Monitoring/Support
MPLS Leased Lines Network
Prioritised fix times and 24/7 account monitoring; the highest quality support to keep your business internet connection running at all times
Consistent Bandwidth
Leased Line Consistency
Leased Lines are uncontented. With consistent internet speeds delivered to the business premise at all times, to any office or building location
Scalable Connection
Complete Disaster Recovery
Leased Lines are constant and uninterrupted with our complete Disaster Recovery solution. Your business continues to operate without compromise
4 Hour - Fault fix time
Scalable Business Connection
Leased Lines allow you to scale your bandwidth up or down depending on your business demands. You can simply request for more or less data on your line
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Upload and Download
Leased Lines deliver the same symmetrical speed upstream and downstream, allowing you to maximise access to data, voice and video

Comparison between a non-SLA fibre connection and a Leased Line

Traditional Fibre Connection (up to 2 week fix)

Monthly Rental
£45.00 Avg.
Number of Staff
10 Staff
Working Days
20 Days
Cost Per Day (Per Staff Member)

Leased Line  (inc. SLA - 4 Hour fix)

Monthly Rental
Number of Staff
10 Staff
Working Days
20 Days
COST PER DAY (Per Staff Member)

One of the UK's Leading Leased Line Providers

Our 100MB Leased Line through Telecoms World has been simply fantastic since is installation. The team have been helpful, quick to respond to our questions and work proactively to ensure that we have the right connection and that it’s stable and managed at all times.
Everything is perfect. I definitely recommend Telecoms World. Very helpful and customer focused. Do not hesitate if you want to choose them for your business' solutions.
We highly recommend Telecoms World as they took the time to visit us and understand the problems that we needed to overcome and become operational again. We are extremely grateful for the advice, help and support. Nothing but praise for these guys and the execution of our 'last-minute' project.
Fantastic service staff are all too willing to help after you take service on they ring you after a week or so to make sure everything is ok or if you need to change anything.
We've just switched from another provider and have found the initial level of customer service to be very good, with prompt and helpful communication. Access to the system was set up quickly and it seems to work well, with a very intuitive online dashboard making it easy to configure. So no complaints so far.
What incredible customer service! It was so easy to get the info I needed from their website in order to get my business identity established, and then the follow-up support and speed with which things happened were amazing. Thanks, Telecoms World for making it so easy.


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