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Telecoms World PLC is a wholesale inbound provider with innovative telephony products and services. We work with a large network of channel partners to provide intuitive, simple-to-use and highly functional solutions which are driven by our 17 years of deep understanding of the telecoms market. Telecoms World partners are responsible for the management of their customers, including first line support and billing.

Access over 2.9 million numbers including freephone, lo-call rate and virtual numbers
Take control of your client numbers from a single portal with instant call divert
Assign new numbers or port existing numbers to your inbound portal
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“Our aim is to support you and your clients with leading telecoms solutions. From broadband and phone systems to mobile and Wi-Fi, we ensure that the proposed service and support is unrivalled”
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Easy to use and Feature Rich

The easy-to-use number management platform provides your staff and clients with instant, hassle-free access to control where and when their incoming business calls are answered. Number Control provides you with the tools to create client accounts, assign numbers to your clients and choose the type of call management plan that would best deliver calls to landline or mobile target numbers. Our next-generation inbound system has been built to become your inbound system.

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Easy to use and feature rich reseller system

Full Control of Inbound Numbers and Solutions

Our white-label system places your business into the driving seat; allowing you to set up client accounts and route calls within minutes.

Complete Control of your Clients

Add company accounts, system users, and build a custom environment to control inbound calls to selected 08XX, 03XX or 01XX, 02XX numbers.

Multiple Billing Options

Calls to your clients' numbers can be billed in a way that you choose. A single monthly CDR file for self-billing or full bureau billing options.

Full Control of Inbound Numbers with our Number Selection tool

Learn how to begin your inbound journey

Number Control is the market-leading inbound call management platform; an intuitive and easy-to-use online application that places inbound call routing technology in your control.

As a white label partner of Telecom World PLC, you’ll be able to tailor the Number Control system to meet your requirements and take ownership of inbound numbers, solutions and upgrade features.

Work with us and take advantage of award-winning telecoms and upto 50% commission

Why join the inbound revolution with Telecoms World PLC?

We pay up to 50% commission on new business,
Online Number Control Portal
The development & support teams behind Number Control have over 17 years experience in managing inbound telephony for SME and corporate business; this experience and control is now available to you.
We provide full support for all our products and services.
Style the Number Control portal including, colours, logos and feel of the online system. Partners have the opportunity to choose their own branding or tailor the Number Control portal to the client.
Our products and services are best in class, with flexibility, functionality and innovative design.
Full Number Allocation
Our network holds over 2.9 million available numbers in all geographic & non-geographic ranges (01, 02, 03, 08). These numbers can be selected and allocated to your client account within minutes.
We provide you with the tools to easily add, remove and edit clients set up.
Call Control Options
A wide range of solutions, upgrades and user guides are available within the Number Control platform. Enable your clients with our call management solutions to create a new revenue stream.
View real-time call analytics to help manage marketing ROI,
Real-time Call Analytics
Our platform is built across UK wide networks with real-time analytics to capture detailed information on the inbound calls. This call data is available at the partner and client level for 24/7 monitoring.
We have championed hosted telecoms for over 14 years. Our products and services support over 16,500 businesses across the UK
Robust and Reliable
The Number Control system is used by over 18,500 businesses with call traffic for 32,000+ live services. We ensure that inbound is made easy with 1-2-1, Call Routing and IVRs.


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