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The UK's Leading VoIP phone system from £6.
Introducing the most flexible, resilient and cost-effective VoIP phone system
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Ensure that you choose a VoIP Phone System that meets your business needs, is easy to manage, and supports office and home workers.

The UK's Leading cloud based business  VoIP Phone System from £6.99. Rated 5 star on Trustpilot

Introducing TWcloud our best-in-class Hosted VoIP Phone System

Potential clients are engaging with your brand 24/7 and you need a strategy and system in place to, not only manage exposure, but also capture leads. Being empowered to self-manage your communications allows for unprecedented flexibility and functionality enabling you to push into markets you would otherwise fail to engage. A VoIP Phone System is a true game changer in the way businesses communicate; with it's feature rich environment remaining unchallenged in the telecoms industry. 

Our hosted VoIP Phone System comes highly recommended by SMEs and corporations across the UK, if you have 3 staff or 500 staff, the system
provides simple online management, unrivalled stability and future proof functionality.

It's your business, only better. Take advantage of the features of our Hosted VoIP Phone System

Access your VoIP phone system through our secure and easy to use online portal


Quantifiable data on your numbers through an easy-to-use interface. Accessible online to present information quickly and analyse call volumes, outcomes and staff

Our VoIP phone system makes it easy to record your calls across multiple users


TWcloud Phone System makes it easy to record your calls across multiple users, company branches and call centre hunt groups and store them for future review

Manage all calls with a hosted VoIP phone system with a range of flexible call handling solutions

flexible call management

Manage all calls within the TWcloud Phone System with a range of flexible call handling solutions. Fully customisable and tailored to suit your needs

Empower your staff and give them complete control over incoming and outgoing calls through our VoIP phone system

softphone application

Empower your staff and give them complete control over incoming and outgoing calls with a handy, VoIP Phone System App to control calls

Integrate your existing CRM with our VoIP phone system

crm system integration

Be a market leader in customer satisfaction by integrating your existing CRM with our VoIP Phone System - we integrate with over 50 CRM systems

The Receptionist Console with a hosted VoIP phone system will allow you to monitor and control

online receptionist console

Our Receptionist Console will allow you to monitor and control wait time, prioritise calls and manage queues to handle calls more efficiently - All with VoIP

More Info on VoIP Phone System

What is Hosted Telephony / VoIP Phone System?

Hosted Telephony or VoIP (pronounced 'voyp') stands for voice over Internet protocol. It can mean different things to different people but basically means ‘voice transmitted over a digital network’. The Internet isn't strictly necessary for VoIP, but it is necessary for VoIP technology to use some of the same protocols that the Internet uses. A protocol is a set of rules used to allow orderly communication, therefore, voice travels by way of the same protocols used on the Internet.
The Internet protocols are the basis of IP networking, which supports corporate, private, public, cable, and even wireless networks. VoIP unites an organisation's many locations, including mobile workers, into a single converged communications network and provides an unparalleled range of telephony support services and features.
Unlike traditional systems, a hosted VoIP Phone System is not a box in the back room of your office sending and receiving signals; with VoIP it all comes from you. It improves the way you interact with your client base, it strengthens the impact you have on your market. It is ultimately the catalyst for growing your business.

Can VoIP integrate with my CRM?

CRM Integrator is a powerful piece of software that unites your CRM software (customer relationship manager software) with your phone system. Compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages, CRM Integrator helps users to be even more efficient and productive by integrating with an Outlook program, making contacts easily accessible and dial-able from Outlook and the desktop
Integrating your VoIP Phone System with a CRM platform and existing business systems increases efficiency levels and maximises interactions with staff and clients by managing all incoming and outgoing calls. Handle calls and instantly flag agent interactions through emails and notes in the CRM Accessing key features, with settings such as finding and dialling contacts being very quick and easy; helping users to work more efficiently and be more productive.
VoIP completely integrates with your existing CRM platform and allows you to control the service from your desktop without having to log in to the portal or navigate through phone menus. At the point a client calls into the business, a screen pop up will show all relevant client information so that you can ensure that each and every one of the calls is answered professionally and efficiently.

With previous notes available on screen and the function of further note taking, screen pop-ups eliminate clicking from one screen to another. CRM integrations means that screen popping and Click-to-Dial functions can be achieved easily through a hosted VoIP Phone System.

Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery with VoIP

The thing that separates VoIP Phone Systems from earlier telephony technologies, is that it doesn’t care where the end user’s telephone actually is – a VoIP telephone can be plugged into any internet connection anywhere. This geographical independence means that the hardest part of achieving a continuity and disaster recovery solution for your business is solved – without additional cost. If your office is inaccessible, go home and use your phone from there – it will work exactly as it did in your office.

There’s no one best solution to apply VoIP as part of contingency planning, because budget and existing infrastructure affect decisions. The versatility of a hosted VoIP Phone System can be applied to all scenarios, ranging from voice routed through an existing IP private branch exchange (PBX) to an all-cloud solution.

Manage Inbound calls to staff, departments & multiple offices

A Receptionist console through a hosted VoIP Phone Sysem can manage multiple calls through an easy to use web interface; ensuring that every one of your calls is answered or re-routed professionally and efficiently. Take full control over incoming calls to single or multiple sites with access and control of up to 800 directory contacts as well as improve customer service with features including queue management, caller notes and email management.

Help yourself or your staff to manage calls with a couple of clicks. Additional features are also available such as the ability to attach a caller to a specific extension for when it becomes available, through to managing ad-hoc conference calls or adjusting the order of callers in a queue

Hot desking and home working made easy with a VoIP Phone System

Having a mobile application and desktop plugin offers complete control of incoming and outgoing calls at your fingertips. The extensive range of cutting-edge features from a hosted VoIP Phone System can be edited at the click of a button, even if you are on the move! The platform is cloud based and accessible from any internet enabled device. With simplified control of voicemail, conferencing, messaging, call recording, email and so much more; using one intuitive interface to communicate with clients and staff in an instant.

It’s simple to transfer calls between locations using the keys on the telephone; callers are played music while the transfer takes place. And making & receiving calls away from a desk with a headset or mobile means staff can handle calls more efficiently, productivity levels are improved and your time is better spent on other areas of the business.

The online portal with VoIP means all your calls controlled in one interface

A VoIP Phone System gives you the capability to change and review any of your telecom products as and when you choose, with instant implementation will have a huge impact on the productivity of your business.

You can gain complete visibility of your business calls to measure and improve sales, service levels and understand your business calls with real-time analysis. Control up to 10 department options with the ability to divert to landline or mobile numbers and welcome callers with a bespoke introduction and options message. Also capture any messages received outside of business hours with all voicemails sent straight to your inbox.

Scale your business up or down - Anytime with VoIP

Traditional phone calls work by allocating an entire phone line to each call. With VoIP, voice data is compressed and, with VoIP on your computer network, you can add telephones and increase call capacity without running additional cabling. Because a VoIP Phone System is based on software rather than hardware, it is easier to manage and maintain the system. VoIP treats voice as if it were any other kind of data, so users can attach documents to voice messages or participate in virtual meetings using shared data and video-conferencing.

Because VoIP is based on a software solution, certain IPBXs (VoIP exchanges) evolve easily with software updates. New features will be available to increase user performance and there is no longer any question of an obsolete system.