Real-time call statistics with Akixi Wallboards

Analysing the details of your telecommunication activities allows you to gain valuable market insight, re-focus your marketing efforts, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Call statistics supply quantifiable data on your numbers through an easy-to-use interface readily accessible online; pull information quickly and never miss an opportunity.

  • Use multiple numbers across various marketing campaigns
  • Monitor which campaigns are receiving the greatest response
  • Review your impact across the UK with our Google Maps plugin
  • Target your marketing to these specific areas to guarantee ROI
  • Repeat this process and analyse call statistics to set new KPI's

The most cost effective way to record your calls

The most cost effective way to record your calls. There are many reasons why you ma wish to record your inbound calls, such as compliance, market monitoring or simply to promote staff training and productivity. Our IP system makes it easy to record calls across multiple users and hunt groups through our online portal.

  • Recordings are available instantly for playback and review
  • Store all recordings on our network (minimum fees apply)
  • Calls are captured in real-time allowing you to act instantly
  • Recordings are downloadable in a high quality WAV format
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls, by agent or department