Pre-Ethernet allows you to kick start your high capacity connection

You have hunted high and low for the highest performance connectivity option to your business premise but the installation date is set in 8, 10, 12 weeks. Feedback from our clients is that the Openreach delays often exceed the timescales they set for their systems and staff to become active. Our Pre-Ethernet solution means that you get connected within a single working week whilst waiting for your Ethernet installation and benefit from connections with the fastest speeds using M2M technology. Even better, once your Ethernet line is eventually connected, our solution becomes your backup!!!

The highest performance connectivity option that delivers high capacity speeds and data scalability

  • Instant access to low latency connectivity up to 50mbps
  • Rapid deployment of service and router (within 5 days)
  • Choice of data packages from 30GB up to 250GB
  • Instant resilience once your main line becomes available
  • Cost effective solution with a rolling monthly contract

I am truly impressed with the 4G connectivity, it’s been a long wait for our Leased Line to become available and this solution means our team can start working from our new offices on the planned date. Upload speeds are key to us, and the 10Mbps upload available really makes the difference compared to a traditional connection.

Nick Hollis – Director Millmoll

The key benefits of Pre-Ethernet #nomorewaiting

Our solution is enabled within 24 hours
Instant connectivity
Our solution is enabled within 24 hours and routers are dispatched within 5 working days
Get up to 50mbps on our business only 3G and 4G networks
Up to 50mbps using 4G
Pre-Ethernet connectivity over 'Business Only' 3G and 4G offers between 10mbps to 50mbps
High tolerance routing over mobile networks in case your PSTN line goes down
24/7 Line resilience
High tolerance routing over mobile networks should your main PSTN line go down
Ping times can be sub 30 milliseconds allowing for instant handling of VoIP data
Perfect for voice/data
Response times can be sub 30 milliseconds meaning VoIP call data is handled instantly
Data bundles ranging from 30GB up to 250GB are available
Scalable data volumes
Our data bundles start from 30GB up to a maximum 250GB, with the backup setting of just 500MB per month
Our pre-ethernet is less than a third of a leased line cost
Cost effective solution
Pre-Ethernet is less than a third of an Leased Line cost. Simply pay for data consumption when required