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Introducing… #CherryOnTop

June 5, 2019
Charlotte Devoir

Let’s face it. Telecoms isn’t commonly the most interesting topic of conversation, and the products associated with it are not always the most thrilling purchase for a company. Nevertheless, you cannot escape the fact that telecoms are essential to any business. The reality is that your business would struggle to operate without a reliable telecoms provider.


Could your business operate without a professional business phone number?

Do you have a dedicated account manager for your business mobiles?

Would your office computers be as efficient without a stable business-only internet connection?


Most telecoms providers offer similar products, with no apparent difference between each product or service. So how do you decide what suits your business needs and which provider to go with?

That’s why we have launched our #CherryOnTop campaign, to highlight what additional benefits our products and services have to offer; breaking the mould by showing our customers the extras that we offer as standard!  

From super-fast connectivity to money-saving mobile solutions and by continually developing innovative products, we are passionate about Telecoms so that you don’t have to be.

Keep a look out for our #CherryOnTop revelations on our social media accounts!

#CherryOnTop campaign, to highlight what additional benefits that Telecoms World products and services have to offer