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Horizon Voice Traffic Migration 24th October – 7th November 2017

October 20, 2017

Following our ongoing commitment securing that our customer’s receive the best possible service and ensuring that all services are able to receive the highest level of support, the Horizon network will be undertaking a migration activity of all voice and signalling traffic. Although the anticipated impact has been kept to a minimum, the process of migrating this traffic will have an unavoidable small window of approximately 15 minutes where all Horizon services will be down including the voice traffic.This migration process has been scheduled between the dates of 24th October – 7th November and all companies have been allocated to one of these evenings to prevent all companies being migrated together and increasing the downtime.During the maintenance windows there are two key time slots where service will be impacted:

  • 00:00 - 00:15 - the update will be deployed on the network and will cause devices to become unregistered. Horizon Companies will be unable to receive and place calls during this time and any programmed diverts or schedules will also be inoperative.
  • 00:15 - 01:15 - the devices will automatically reregister based on an internal timer that refreshes its registration once an hour. Hence, in the worst case, a devices unregistered status may last up to an hour. Any divert or schedule setting will now operate as programmed. To reduce this you will be able to reboot the handsets from 00.15 and this will manually pull the registration back through without having to wait for the timer.

This has been scheduled for out of hours to prevent the vast majority of companies and users having their services being impacted.If after the update has taken place the handset have not registered, we do advise to reboot all equipment including phones/switches/routers to pull through the new configuration.Any further issues please contact our support team on 0800 043 0800 option 3.