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GPS Telematics Partnership

November 29, 2017
Nicola Amis

Telecoms World is proud to announce a new GPS telematics partnership with Zest4 and SmartWitness, leading suppliers of in-vehicle cameras and recording software. The 'Award-Winning' in-vehicle CCTV currently protects over 200,000 fleet vehicles around the world, monitoring over 35 million miles each and every day.

GPS Telematics

Working with 1000's of businesses with a diverse range of fleets, we understand the challenges of running vehicles. The best practice risk analysis and management techniques are required - which now include the install of in-vehicle CCTV. Businesses can effectively manage their fleet with in-vehicle cameras to handle claims correctly and keep insurance premiums down. Our telematics solutions are available to all Telecoms World customers with fleets from 2 vehicles to 500+ at a very competitive price for HD quality, hard-wired camera and telematics back up with easy-to-use recording software.

Sam Diamond, Projects Director at Telecoms World:

“We are extremely pleased to offer a range of telematics solutions to our clients and businesses across the UK. The benefits of in-vehicle cameras are staggering, with drivers improving their behavior, saving up to 40% on fuel and resolving incident disputes with a simple recording.”

Vehicles that are fitted with a camera record the journey in real-time, should the driver be involved in an incident, the video recording is instantly sent to the business operator using a 3G or 4G connection. The recorded footage arrives complete with date, time, vehicle location, impact force and speed. This can be sent to the insurance provider or vehicle manager with an automatic email or text alert. In advance the camera software offers telematics information and driver behaviour statistics.

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