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Gigabit Voucher Scheme

November 6, 2017
Nicola Amis

In 2012, the Chancellor, George Osborne, revealed that key cities
in the UK were to share £100 million to introduce ultrafast broadband to their
local community.  The government Super-Connected
Cities scheme was designed to deliver ambitious plans to drive growth, attract
new businesses and transform the way services are provided and accessed. The
scheme was successful overall but, initially there was poor take-up from small

However, 2017 sees a renewed version of the scheme with
“Gigabit Vouchers”. The plans are part of a £200m pot for a full-fibre
investment which will offer businesses vouchers of up to £3000 for "gigabit-capable"
connectivity, after which, they will pay the ongoing line rental costs.

Voucher Scheme

As well as the voucher scheme, the government said it will
spend the rest of the £200m:

  • Bringing together local public sector customers, to create enough broadband demand to reduce the financial risk of building new full-fibre networks.

  • Directly connecting public sector buildings,
    such as schools and hospitals. This will bring fibre close to more homes and
    businesses, allowing them to be connected.
  • Opening up public sector assets, such as
    existing ducts, to allow fibre to be laid more cheaply.


This time around there are more requirements for Telecoms
companies to participate in the scheme and only a handful of selected providers
have been chosen for the initial launch. Telecoms World are extremely pleased
to have been selected after proving that we can meet the specific requirements
set by government.

Some of the Telecom Provider requirements, which Telecoms
World meet, include:

  • No sole traders
  • VAT-registered suppliers only
  • Minimum £5m of Public Liability Insurance
  • Trade body members or verified references
  • Covered by Ofcom Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Evidence that supplier has previously deployed
    compliant products

We can also fulfil BOTH of the following characteristics
specified by the scheme:

  1. Be capable of delivering broadband
    connectivity to the customers premises at or above 1Gbps upload or download at
    the time of delivery of the connection without the need for future hardware
    upgrades or modification.

  2. Deliver a minimum of 100Mbit/s to the
    customers premises. The upgraded broadband service must deliver at least a
    doubling of speeds compared to the service currently being consumed.

Register your interest with us now to start the 3 easy steps
to getting full fibre broadband installed for your premises. 

The vouchers,
worth up to £3,000, are being made available to help businesses get Gigabit
full-fibre broadband. 

This scheme is for a limited
period only
, so register your interest today: