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Connect Mobile - The "Best in Class" mobile worker solution

October 10, 2018
Nicola Amis

Connect Mobile offers the best-in-class mobile worker solution. An integration between a feature rich VoIP Phone System and a mobile network.


Mobile phones, these days, are at the heart of how many businesses communicate. Previously, despite the flexibility they provide, mobiles were only capable of serving an individual user and had no links with internal office phone systems.

Times have changed! Connect Mobile integrates your mobile phone with your internal phone system and allows landline, mobile,and laptop communications to converge. Combining features anytime, anywhere.

By streamlining communications, your business can now provide staff with the flexibility to work wherever, and greatly improve overall business productivity and responsiveness to customers at all times.


Mobile connect


Utilise all phone system features from your mobile handset and work like you was in the office ...

  • Use the native dialler to make outbound and internal calls

  • Only one number / extension number across all devices

  • Call reporting for all calls made,received or missed on all devices

  • A single web portal to manage both desktop and mobile phones

  • Present your landline number from your mobile

  • Record all calls on your mobile

  • One voicemail system for all calls



We have extensively invested to ensure our network is truly converged. Only a few UK operators have this capability,allowing us to provide a combined fixed line and mobile phone feature set. The integration with IP PBX will work on a mobile phone with a unique mobile SIM card and, because it happens within our network, no app is required. Treat the phone as you would for any calls, which make use of the cellular network and do not need to go over the internet.


Calls are made in the same way as mobile calls without using your data bundle and with no requirement for an app installation.

Connect Mobile is easy to use, cost effective, works on any mobile and has no impact on battery life unlike traditional mobile apps.