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Call Analytics Blog

September 1, 2017
Nicola Amis

Call Analytics are a powerful marketing and operational tool for any business.

Do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns and know what calls came from those campaigns? Have you gained return on investment?  There’s no point throwing money on cool marketing and are then not able to review if it was worth that money.

Call Analytics insight

One of the best ways to truly get the most out of business activities such as marketing is by examining the results. For instance, understanding the level of customer response when you launched your last promotion can help you determine what worked best, what could be improved and where to focus future efforts.  With detailed call analytics, you can accurately measure results of when customers called, their geographical location, how long the call lasted and if they called more than once.

Analysing the details of your telecommunication activities allows you to gain valuable market insight, re-focus your marketing efforts, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Call analytics supply quantifiable data on your numbers through an easy-to-use interface readily accessible online; pull information quickly and never miss an opportunity. And research has suggested that by giving employees access to this information and control of their own data can significantly improve morale; which equals the highest level of productivity in the workplace. How can you argue with that!

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