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Are you thinking of using TV or Radio advertising?

February 15, 2018
Nicola Amis

Advertising is a part of every business' budget with small businesses typically spending 7 to 8 percent of its gross sales on advertising and marketing. With radio and television advertising still popular choices for many, deciding how to monitor their success can initially be the worry in spending the money on this form of advertising.

A simple radio advertisement might be read by the disc jockey or a whole commercial might be taped and played throughout the day. For many businesses, television commercials are the pinnacle of advertising and, although a 30-second spot on national television is expensive, advertising on cable or local channels can make this medium more affordable. So you may be wondering…

How do you encourage people to call your business? 

Virtual geographic numbers are telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location in the UK.  Starting with 01 or 02, the remaining digits refer to the area of the UK they represent. For example, 01512 is a Liverpool number, Manchester would start 0161 and 0207 or 0208 are London numbers. Having a few of these for different area codes could be a great marketing strategy for your business as people trust local numbers they’re familiar with and are cheap to call. 

We offer Free Trials of Virtual Numbers so you can attract local business through strategic advertising across the UK

Alternatively, a memorable 0800 number could make such a difference to your business and the amount of inbound calls you receive. Not only will you be giving your callers a memorable number to use but it will also be free for them to call from any UK landline or mobile. Statistics show that 63% of the public would always call a freephone number first, before any other number! Choose from our memorable numbers with a Free Trial of an 0800 number to promote your business across the UK.

How do you measure the success of these advertising campaigns?

Call Analytics with Telecoms World supplies clearer insight on your business numbers through an easy-to-use interface, which is readily accessible online. With our detailed Call Analytics, you can accurately measure results of when customers called, their geographical location, how long the call lasted and if they called more than once. By understanding the level of customer response to your TV or Radio campaigns can help you determine what worked best, what could be improved and where to focus future efforts.
Try Call Analytics Free for 3 months - Only 50p per day thereafter!

How will you ensure you provide a professional service to the customers calling your business following the ads they’ve seen or heard?

Make the best first impression with a Virtual Receptionist. Customers decide a lot about your business by the way they are greeted, handled and dealt with over the phone. Simply script what messages you would like callers to be welcomed with and have them recorded by a professional voice artist. Then create up to 10 department options for callers to select on their keypad; calls can then be diverted to any UK landline or mobile phone to connect callers to staff in your business. From the small business looking for the corporate edge, up to the big business controlling a high call volume; take complete control of your incoming calls at the click of a button.
Try the Virtual Receptionist Free for 90 days and see how it can really boost your business!

If you'd like to discuss your advertising plans and any challenges further, then please contact our team on 0800 774 7772 .