How Can You Eliminate Being Fined?

Many business owners are not aware of PCI compliancy and what it means. Instead they continue with their daily business, processing card payments unsecurely and facing fines from their bank or merchant provider of up to 4% of company turnover!

Telecoms World can provide secure, PCI compliant internet connections for processing PDQ payments or a secure environment over the phone where your clients can disclose their bank details without that data ever becoming visible to an operator - The Compliant Cloud.

Payment details are fully encrypted and information is not held anywhere, with only the notification of completion being made visible to you. Once the transaction is complete the funds are sent directly to your allocated account without ever passing through your company’s hardware or any staff members.


  • Avoid a monthly non-compliance fee and additional PCI DSS service fees when you become certified.
  • Encrypt data in a secure environment over the phone where bank details never become visible.
  • A secure & encrypted connection for PDQ payments without the need to replace any hardware.
  • Take simple steps for your business to become PCI Compliant and gain complete business protection.

The Compliant Cloud

Calls are delivered into a secure environment from your existing phone line or phone system. Once within the cloud your client can make immediate payment to your bank account. You simply enter their payment details including the amount to be paid and then transfer the call to the Compliant Cloud, allowing your client to enter their credit card number using their telephone keypad. The call is then returned to the operator to finish the call.

The Key Benefits of our PCI Compliant Payment Gateway

Integrate With Your PBX
Our payment gateway is digitally encrypted meaning that client payments are secure and stored in the cloud 
Network Convergence
100% pci compliant service
The service is certified by PCI DSS 2016 version 3.1, meaning that your compliance audit will be quick and simple  
Save 70% On Line Rental
direct merchant integration
We have connected the service with many of the world's largest merchant service providers to help transfer funds in seconds
Ultimately Scaleable
As there is no need to replace hardware the Compliant Cloud is a cost effective service to install, manage and support
Reduced Call Charges
Agents simply dial in to the system and interact with the client to take payment.No payment details are heard by the agent
Free Calls Between Offices
works for aLL TYPE OF business
From the sole trader to UK wide corporation, our Compliant Cloud is suitable for all scale of business