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Service Agreement

Telecoms World are unable to continuously monitor service per account and do not commit to do so. Therefore, should you experience a technical issue it is the reasonability of the customer to report any problems to us. Time to fix will be clocked from the time your fault is picked up by the technical support team.

Workday Assurance - The customer will be charged in excess of £120 should an engineer be assigned to attend your premises due to a fault logged with Telecoms World that is located at the customer equipment or if no fault can to located.

NB: Anything outward from the wall, including the socket faceplate is considered customer equipment.

Prior to reporting a fault please ensure you check/test the following;

1. Check that All wires are plugged in securely to the handset and also the socket.

2. If you are using a Micro Filter please check and replace it if you have spare.

3. Check the Power supply.

4. Check the Master socket by plugging a corded phone into the master socket, this will allow us to run an accurate line test.

5. Should you require any assistance checking and/or testing equipment please contact our technical support team for assistance.

Telecoms World will test the line using advanced diagnostics. Please ensure when you request a line test that your equipment has been disconnected. Depending of the nature of the fault you may also be charged for materials.

If the engineer is unable to gain access to the property, you turn the engineer away or the premises is deemed unsafe or not ready then you will incur a missed appointment charge of £99. The same charge will apply if you provide conflicting information to the engineer to what was requested by Telecoms World.

Any charges will show on your monthly invoice and are applied directly by Openreach. If you wish to dispute an Openreach charge Telecoms World will action this on your behalf. We aim to investigate and resolve all disputes within 15 working days. All engineering notes will be passed to you via email. Openreach manage each case separately; reasons and evidence of the dispute will be required. You must raise your dispute within 14 days of receiving the charges to enable us to validate this with Openreach. The result of the dispute will be concluded by Openreach.

Telecoms World will offer hosted systems to customers wanting to run the service on a third party internet connection however it is strongly recommended that our assured broadband is used in conjunction with all VoIP services as we cannot guarantee full functionality and quality of service that we provide with our Assured Broadband product. Customers that use their own broadband connection may find they are restricted or experience difficulties with the use of their IP phones.

The use of third party broadband will limit the support we can provide to the IP Phones, the third party broadband provider must provide support and is advised to ensure SIP ALG or Port forwarding is actioned. We will offer technical assistance within the first two weeks of service to ensure you can successfully connect the service however it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their internet service is compatible.

- Porting
- Term Changes
- General Support
- Administration Costs

Please see a breakdown of our storage plan.

Up to 900 MB £20.00*
Up to 1.8 GB £40.00
Up to 3.6 GB £70.00
Up to 9 GB £100.00
Up to 18 GB £160.00
Up to 45 GB £240.00
Up to 90 GB £360.00
Up to 1.8 TB £600.00
Up to 3.6 TB £1,000.00
*A minimum charge of £20.00 will always be applied when this feature is enabled.

Cost can be reduced by simply downloading and deleting recordings from your Horizon database, for further support on how to manage this feature requests should be submitted in writing.

Further details on product and network SLAs can be requested through the Customer Services department on 0800 043 0800 (Option 2)

- Horizon Password resets – 24 working Hours requests should be submitted in writing to
- My Account
- Risk Assessment

Telecoms World risk assess all new accounts dependant to their companies’ house status and credit score.

All services supplied by Telecoms World hold a minimum contracted term. The contract duration should be specified on the order confirmation. If this information cannot be found the defaulted contract duration is as follows;

- Inbound – 1 year
- Outbound and Broadband – 2 years
- VoIP – 3 years
- Mobile – 1 year

If you are receiving nuisance calls from cold callers please ensure you register with the TPS (telephone preference service). It is the official central opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. The service is free of charge.

All telephones numbers that have been previously owed are quarantined for 6 months prior to being re-advertised. If you purchase a recycled number and find you receive calls for the previous owner of the number, we will replace the number free of charge with an alternative number alternately we will contact any directory as well as the previous owner to request the number be disassociated with the previous company.

Notice of cancellation will only be accepted by submitting it through the link. Please note: cancelling a direct debit instruction will not close your account.

Cancellation requests take 5 working days to be reviewed, to ensure that we have full and correct information about the account to process.

Should you request to cancel a service whilst within the minimum contracted period you will be invoiced for the rental to the end of the contract.

A cancellation fee of one month’s rental per service will apply to cancel any NGN, CLI, VoIP license or telephone line. The fee will not apply to additional call solution services. The service must be out of the contracted period. Depending on when cancellation notice is given, any remaining line rental will be due for that month in addition to the cancellation fee. Upon receipt of the cancellation fee all services will be disconnected and closed within 7 days.

For any numbers still in contract, the cancellation will be processed immediately but line rental for the remainder of the contract will be payable. 

Costs for cancelling Ethernet services which have passed surveys and planning stages are below. Please see below table for cancellation costs on orders in process:

Fibre fixed Pricing:-
KCI1 stage is less that and not inclusive of KCI2 - £140.00
KCI2 and KCI3 - £700.00
Greater than KCI3 - £1,950.00
Any Ethernet ECC charges which are agreed and paid are non-refundable from the network.

Telecoms World reserve the right to charge up to £250.00 for cancelling a service prior to the end of the contract.

All customers have the right to cancel a service within 14 days of purchase. If you have been sent goods you have a further 14 days to return all equipment. A deduction can be made if the value of the goods has been reduced as a result of you handling the goods more than was necessary. All goods should be returned in original packaging.

If cancelling within the cooling off period having paid upfront for goods a refund will be offered within 14 days of either us getting the goods back, or you providing evidence of having returned the goods (for example, a proof of postage receipt from the post office), whichever is the sooner.

Once a contract with Telecoms World has been cancelled, any hardware supplied by Telecoms World, which remains in your possession, is no longer on our network and will not be supported by us in any way. This includes, but not limited to, any changes, configurations or unlocking of devices.

The Yealink range has a 3 year return to base warranty. Should you require to return the handset, simply complete the warranty return form online at the Yealink websit

Service control will log the return and provide a RMA form for you to sign and return with the unit

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure payment is made within the 14-day term. Telecoms World may attempt to contact the customer by either telephone, letter, email or SMS prior to disconnecting a service but do not guarantee to do so.

Invoices are generated on a monthly basis and are issued via email on or around 12th of the month. Payment is due 14 days after the date of invoice. Payment should be made by Direct Debit on a monthly basis, however we can accept debit card or BACS payments if received on or before the due date of the invoice.

Paper billing is available upon request and is chargeable £2.99 a month. An invoice will not be generated for balances outstanding under £2.00; the amount owed will roll over monthly until the minimum amount is reached. All invoices are available to view online via the ‘My Account’ section of our website along with itemised billing.

A self-billed invoice will be generated once £50.00 or more is owed to you. Rebate will roll over on a monthly until this amount is reached. Once an invoice has been issued payment will be made after 60 days.

All services that do not hold a monthly fee will incur annual service charges. The charge applied will be equivalent to the connection fee paid. If the service was connection without an initial charge, then the annual service charge will be £4.95. Charges for Late and Non-Payment.

If payment is not received within the 14-day payment term you will incur a 10% late payment charge of the total outstanding on your account (minimum £5.00 charge). Non-paying accounts - Failure to make payment within the terms set will result in account suspension. If we find it necessary to suspend your account, you will incur an administrative charge of £75.00.

We expect all accounts to be settled by Direct Debit. Non Direct Debit paying customers will incur a £2.99 monthly fee.