Don't let a Missed Call become a Missed Opportunity

We have developed an intelligent call routing solution that enables you to capture all of your calls from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.
Set up is easy and you can divert calls within just a few clicks. You can control call destinations based on the time of day and capture unanswered
calls in real-time. You can also divert incoming calls to multiple numbers and control the number of rings before stepping to the 2nd or 3rd target.
And don't worry if you’re not an IT expert, our support team will contact you to assist with setup and greetings, as well as provide you
with a direct line for ongoing support.


Configure your business open hours (9:00 to 17:00), this means that calls made to your company would then arrive to a chosen landline or mobile number. Then choose where calls are to be answered outside of working hours (12:00 to 8:59 and 5:01 to 23:59). If calls cannot be answered, voicemail to email can be activated instantly.

In Hours Routing

Simply open our Call Manager to access the time schedule
and set business open hours. Calls in-hours can be configured to target any UK landline number (01/02) or UK mobile (07).
At the click of a button your changes are saved and active.

Out of Hours Routing

Calls that are received outside of business working hours can also be captured by phone or voicemail. Ensure that you can identify the business call when answering calls outside of
business hours from a mobile or home phone using the
Call Whisper or DN Presentation upgrades.

The Benefits of Using the Call Manager solution

Never miss another business call again with our out of ours call routing service
Setup the call management to mirror your business open and closed hours to ensure you never miss a call again 
Business calls in the cloud, controlled from any device
Be proactive with call routing and log into your Call Manager to make changes from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone
A simple and intuitive interface to manage your business calls and call routing
No telecoms or IT expertise is needed to setup and manage your numbers. We offer a simple and intuitive interface
From small businesses to enterprises, we have a solution to fit all your requirements
great for any business
From the one man business in a single city to UK wide organisations. Our solution gives instant access to control calls
Receive calls wherever you are by routing your calls to any UK landline or UK mobile
route calls to landline/mobile
You have the option to divert calls to any UK landline or UK mobile phone giving you every opportunity to capture calls
Safe in the knowledge that our call manager solution is hosted in the cloud.
 great for disaster recovery
The Call Manager is hosted in the cloud, meaning that any line failures can be avoided with calls sent to a backup number