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Home Working Telecom Solutions

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What is a Home Working Solution?

Our Home working telecom solutions enable you to make and receive calls, stay in touch with colleagues, and work remotely just as you would in a normal office, regardless of location.
The number of employees working from home, is steadily increasing and ONS figures suggest that more than a third of homeworkers are employees; with the remaining third being self-employed or working for a family business.  

Can Home-workers be as Productive?

With a range of unified communication tools, your business can streamline employees’ daily processes; improving productivity and efficiency. By implementing a business continuity plan, and if workers have the right tools to do their job, there shouldn't be any change in productivity compared to being in the office.

Can I Work From Home on a Mobile or Laptop?

A softphone app allows employees to have complete control over incoming and outgoing calls no matter their location or device with an active internet connection. Make and receive company calls through our mobile application and desktop plugin with easy management of where calls are diverted to and how they're handled.

What is SIP Trunking?
“Our specialists ensure that your business can continue operating from home or remotely using cloud hosted voice and data solutions. Complete communication for your staff and clients.”
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Plans & Pricing

Home Working Solutions

Choice of Inbound Number
Mobile and Desktop Application
Call Control Functionality
UK Landline Minutes
UK Mobile Minutes
* A range of call handling features are available on request. Features include voicemail, call transfer, call record and announcement messages.
Business Grade Router
YES (08, 03, 01, 02 Numbers)
Broadband Speed
Inbound Only
Business Line Rental
Calls to UK Landlines
1000inclusive minutes
Calls to UK Mobiles
1000inclusive minutes
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Business Grade Router
YES (01 and 02 Numbers)
Broadband Speed
Business Line Rental
Calls to UK Landlines
Calls to UK Mobiles
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Business Grade Router
YES (08, 03, 01, 02 Numbers)
Broadband Speed
Business Line Rental
Calls to UK Landlines
Calls to UK Mobiles
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Proud to provide home working solutions for:

Proud to provide home working solutions for NHS BerksireProud to provide home working solutions for Kaspersky LabProud to provide home working solutions for Pastry ProProud to provide home working solutions for Allied RecruitmentProud to provide home working solutions for Bellway HomesProud to provide home working solutions for Recruitment Entrepreneur

How our award-winning products help you and your staff to work from home

Divert calls to any UK Mobile or Landline phone number instantly with a Virtual Business Phone Number. Great for opting to work from home and business continuity.
TW Dial-Out APP allows you to make outbound calls from any iOS or Android device and presents your business phone number. Work from anywhere; no need to be in the office.
Our secure and feature rich call management portal offers cloud-based account access to manage calls 24/7. Route calls, listen to recordings and review stats in one place.
Work from home, as if you are at your office desk

The benefits of Home Working

Configure your home office to fit in to your life
Customise Your Environment
Configure your home office to fit in to your life. Maybe use a kitchen breakfast bar as a standing desk? Setup your desk area to be as comfortable as you need.
It is incredibly easy to divert calls anywhere, regardless of location
Divert Calls Anywhere 24/7
With a range of communication tools, it is incredibly easy to divert calls anywhere, regardless of location, without any expensive call forwarding costs
Employees working from home can communicate via email, telephone and video conference
Positive Environmental Impact
Employees working from home can communicate via email, telephone and video conferences. Protecting the environment through reduced emissions
Employees working from home have a better work/life balance
Better Work/Life Balance
Expand your business without boundaries. Employees working from home can lead to improvements in productivity, motivation, health and well-being
Employ talented staff from areas further afield and save money on office and desk space
Wider Pool of Applicants
Job roles working from home give you the opportunity to employ talented staff from areas further afield and save money on office and desk space
We provide a range of telecoms equipment to support your homeworkers
Telecoms Equipment
We provide a range of IP handsets, headsets, conference phones and mobile devices from leading manufacturers to support your homeworkers

Home Working. Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of working from home?

Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home can increase productivity and decrease stress. Companies that offer a work-from-home option are also shown to save considerable money in the long run. Trusting staff to work effectively from home and supplying them with the correct tools to do so, means that you can run your business as normal rather than having to ‘firefight’ in an unexpected event.

Some key advantages are:

- Less time commuting
- More productive employees
- Increase employee loyalty
- Employees take fewer sick days
- Reduction in overheads and office costs
- Environmentally friendly
- Less distractions

Read more about the advantages of remote working in our blog

How easy is it setup a home office?

With the huge choice of ways to stay connected by phone and internet, it is becoming more common for businesses to embrace remote workers. Removing a traditional office environment and hours has shown to increase efficiency and make employees more productive than ever. So, by allowing workers the ability to log themselves in and out of the work programmes, access files the same as office colleagues, manage calls in the same way as being int he office, and connect with colleagues on conference calls or video conferencing, makes managing your team of remote workers a much simpler process.

Telecoms World offer different business phone systems that are hosted in the cloud with online access. Giving the freedom for remote and home workers to use a variety of devices to make and receive calls, including desk phones, computers or laptops and smart phones - Easily turning home devices in to productive work equipment.

With hosted telephony, it doesn’t matter where a home-worker actually is – calls can be connected on any device where there is internet connection. This geographical independence means that achieving business continuity and having a disaster recovery solution is possible – without any additional hardware to install or additional cost!

Read more about the the products and services to make working from home a reality in our blog

How do I make home-working a success?

It is important to ensure that home-working employees knows what is expected of them within their role, any KPIs or goals to achieve and how they are expected share information and ideas with both managers and colleagues during working hours. Having systems or policies in place will help the business to run effectively.

Having a business continuity plan is just as important for small companies as it is for large corporations. Home-working plans need to be simple but effective, comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Tips for employees working from home:
- Create a comfortable work space
- Set your "office" hours
- Avoid home distractions
- Plan a schedule of works
- Be computer savvy, use the cloud
- Brush up on your communication skills

Read more about how to make homeworking a success in our blog

What technology do I need to work from home?

With faster broadband speeds and improved network resilience across the UK, the connectivity that supports your business and home workers is fundamental to the use of programmes, access to business data, use of telecoms and productivity.

Poor connection and speeds can really hinder a business and the ability to keep operational. It is imperetive that home-workers have access to decent broadband to work as efficiently as if they were in the office. We have a range of broadband packages to support any size of business, as well as, our Office in a Box solution which offers super fast wireless broadband over our 4G business mobile network. It is the perfect solution to power a mobile office, support a business waiting for an business broadband installation and as a temporary solution to support home-workers, acting as a disaster recovery backup to power your business if the worst should happen.

With different business phone systems and broadband options with Plug-and-Play funtionality, it has never been easier for home workers to use a variety of devices to log in to office systems and to make and receive calls, including desk phones, computers or laptops and smart phones - Turning home devices in to productive work equipment!

Can I trust employees to work from home?

Trusting that people are actually doing their work from home can be a challenge for managers. However, if it is made clear in advance that employees are to work towards specific, measurable goals in line with their competency; along with agreed, realistic timelines then it makes it easier to trust them to complete their work from home.

Touching base with regular emails and telephone calls can help understand how employees are getting on, but this should be part of a manager's normal routine rather than checking up on people. Receiving an occasional call from a manager, helps employees feel like a valued member of the team. It is also an idea to add a clause in the working at home arrangement which says that management has the right to ask an employee to come into the office at any point and if there are any issues of under performance, the home working contract will be reviewed.

What is a business continuity plan?

Business continuity planning (BCP) is creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats and disruptions to a company. Having a plan in place ensures that all staff and assets are protected and that a company can continue to function effectively in the event of any unforseen circumstances.

Business continuity and planning is important for any size of business and needs to be simple, effective and comprehensive. Employers have a responsibility for staff safety and security to ensure that any disaster or incident – whether natural or otherwise – has minimal effect on the well-being of the country. How quickly and efficiently you manage to get back to ‘business as usual’ in the event of any unforeseen event, dependson on how effectively you can devise and put into action a business continuity plan.

Without BCP, a natural or man-made disaster could result in:
- Loss of work to competitors
- Failures within your supply chain
- Loss of reputation
- Human Resources issues
- Health and Safety liabilities
- Higher insurance premiums

It is a good idea to rehearse plans and ensure that if you need employees to work from home, they can easily do this. You may only discover weaknesses in your business contiuity plan when you put it into action. Rehearsals help confirm that a plan works and is robust - should you ever need it and are also a good way to train staff who have business continuity responsibilities.