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Westminster Primary Care Trust were responsible for investing in local health services – including GPs, pharmacies, NHS dentists and opticians, community health and hospital services – for everyone in Westminster. They also supported the development of Central London Clinical Commissioning Group and West London Clinical Commissioning Group which, as part of Government planned changes to the NHS have a bigger role in shaping local health provision.

The challenge

Westminster Primary Care Trust had a fax service provided by BT and was costing approximately £8k per month. After a review of their overheads, they needed to drastically make some changes and save money where possible, they wanted Telecoms World to review their fax service and help reduce their costs offer a way to manage their fax process more efficiently.

Telecoms World Solution

We were able to help Westminster Primary Care Trust immediately with a new 0800 fax number we and a Fax to Email service which initially eliminated the costs of maintaining fax machines and buying paper. This also offered an environmental benefit but having any faxes received sent straight to email and meant they could be filed electronically and reduced faxes going missing.


Costs for the Freephone 0800 number were immediately reduced and over time, with the reduction in cost of fax machines and paper, Westminster Primary Care Trust saw a saving of almost 80% compared to BT.

Customer Requirements

  • Reduce fax service charges
  • Manage faxes more efficiently
  • Reduce overall costs of a fax service

Solution Components

  • Move to an 0800 number
  • Fax to Email service
  • Savings of up to 80%